Atmospheric Encounters, 2021

Atmospheric Encounters, 2021

Returing to celebrate a decade since the first flight for HAB, the team exhibits at Birmingham Open Media (BOM)  again. 19th May-28th August 2021

The exhibiton explores the microbes discovered inthe field_notes expedition to Kilpisjarvi where 80 bacteria and fungi were identified. New art work made by Till, Hannah, Anne, Heidi, Noora, Mel, Anna and Alex were created and shown. A new HAB device made by Ol and Paul was also shown for the first time. 

A public programme, made possible by a grant from Millenium Point, Birmingham, aims to inspire girls to explore STE(A)M careers and study through a series of hands on workshops

Photo credits: Thom Bartley, Melissa Grant 

This blog article first appeared on the BOM website as part of the Atmospheric Encounters exhibiton