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About Us


In 2010 we launched rockets and balloons in the Black Rock Desert . See our book here.





"Its amazing how much dust and heat I can put up with - especially with myriad wet wipes to hand!"

Mel - in response to our expedition to the Black Rock Desert


Video diary & blog by our student winners Joe Campion & Rainbow Lo, who came on the expedition to the Black Rock Desert


Paul wrote up our trip for the Institute of Mathematics - A Mathematian's Apogee


And Oliver was interviewed by the Society of Chemical Industry - Interview with Oliver de Peyer









Welcome to high altitude bioprospecting

The Project:
We aim to find microscopic life in the stratosphere - by building a device that could detect life remotely, it needs to withstand a rocket or balloon launch and landing

The collective:

Originally started by Oliver de Peyer, Paul Shepherd and Melissa Grant when they met through NESTA's Crucible labs, they have been joined and advised by artists Anna Dumitriu, Alex May, Kira O’Reilly, microbiologist Dr John Paul of the HPA, sound artist Neil Boynton and balloon creator Niki Passath in the exploration of ideas surrounding bioprospecting in the stratosphere.


We are grateful to our supporters at the NASA Ames Exobiology Labs, the Rocket Mavericks and Stratofox.

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